A simple way to have a books library

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What is it ?

BookNaviger is a software which allow you to :

What does it look like

Main screen
screenshot 1

An album is selected and a preview is shown
screenshot 2

The reading screen. Single page. The picture is blurred intentionally
screenshot 3

Dual page mode. The picture is blurred intentionally
screenshot 4

Dual page mode with fit to screen option. The picture is blurred intentionally
screenshot 5

More info

Main features


2 languages are created for now :

If you would like to contribute to create a new language, please open an issue

Compatibility & requirements

Cross-Plateforms : BookNaviger is written in Java. It means it works (at least, it's supposed to work) everywhere that the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) is installed. The JVM version needed is Java 7 (you can get it here).

Known bugs

Some bugs still exists on Mac OS X :


You can get either the setup for your system - Windows / Linux / Mac OS X - or just the compiled source here (powered by install4j) or the source from github.
Prefer the featured downloads if you don't know what to choose.