A simple way to have a books library

This project is maintained by Inervo


What is it ?

BookNaviger is a software which allow you to :

What does it look like

Main screen
screenshot 1

An album is selected and a preview is shown
screenshot 2

The reading screen. Single page. The picture is blurred intentionally
screenshot 3

Dual page mode. The picture is blurred intentionally
screenshot 4

Dual page mode with fit to screen option. The picture is blurred intentionally
screenshot 5

More info

Main features


2 languages are created for now :

If you would like to contribute to create a new language, please open an issue

Compatibility & requirements

Cross-Plateforms : BookNaviger is written in Java. It means it works (at least, it's supposed to work) everywhere that the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) is installed. The JVM version needed is Java 8 (you can get it here).

Known bugs

Some bugs still exists. You can check the known ones on github issue.

If the bug doesn't exists, fill free to create one.


You can get either the setup for your system - Windows / Linux / Mac OS X - or just the compiled source here (powered by install4j).